Sunday, December 05, 2004

The little kebab shop in Notting Hill

Notting Hill in London is a popular place. It was even made into a delightful Hollywood movie by the same name starring Hugh Grant and 'Pretty Woman' Julia Roberts. Grant took on the role as William Thacker, a travel bookstore owner, who was all out to win the heart of American movie star Anna Scott, played by Roberts in the 1999 hit comedy. There is another special thing about Notting Hill although not on the scale of the gliterring movie stars. It is a little kebab shop on its main road which opened for business just about the time the movie was made. Apart from kebab sandwiches, it serves chicken, beef and fish burgers, continental and Lebanese cuisine almost similar to the 'halal' delicacies offered at other such shops in the vicinity of Marble Arch. The owner would not go into details about the business except to say that he has no complaints. From the look of it, business is brisk with its customers from all over like the Italian couple, a group of international youths and a lone Malaysian traveller who had supper at the place tonight. Just like the others, I did not have any complaint about the food although I miss satay.

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