Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Pictures on the wall

Malaysia’s artist and marine conservationist Ajis Mohamad must be a happy man. His paintings on coral reefs will don the wall of many homes and offices as Shell 2005 corporate calendar. This is the time of the year when calendars are hot items to herald in the new year. Since it started producing its calendars in the early 1970s, Shell has attempted to communicate specific messages to the Malaysian community through the channel. Over the years the themes have ranged from Malaysia's rare flora and endangered fauna, traditional crafts, architecture, indigenous costumes and ethnic folklore. For its 2005 timepiece, Shell worked with Ajis who is acknowledged as Malaysia's first underwater artist, to focus on coral reef conservation. Ajis paints his subjects underwater - a painstaking technique and a medium he has mastered - while on his scuba diving expeditions as the president of the Malaysian Coral Reef Conservation Society.

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