Thursday, May 26, 2005

A diplomat and a friend ...

A Malaysia-born daughter and a Masters in Law degree from a Malaysian university. These are just two of the many sweet memories that Jafar M.Jafar, Charge d'affaires at the Jordanian embassy in Kuala Lumpur, will bring home after a four-year stint in Malaysia next month. As his countrymen celebrate the kingdom's 59th National Day today, Jafar recalled the day daughter Nooran, three and a half, was born as among the nicest memories about Malaysia.
"Malaysia to me is like a second country, my second home...I have so many nice memories here, never felt like a stranger," he told me at the embassy during an interview to mark Jordan's National Day. The many photographs he had taken of Nooran, his elder daughter Dania, six and a half, and wife Rana would also remind them of their stay in Malaysia.
"Frankly, I didn't know much about Malaysia's multicultural society before I came but to experience it in person is wonderful.
"You can see so many things about the world in one place," said 36 year-old Jafar, wearing an olive green batik shirt.
I will forever remember him as a friend.

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