Sunday, October 21, 2007

'Real Life, Real Time' gets real from Paris...

Radio24 Bernama’s ‘Real Life, Real Time’ broadcast caught up with a Malaysian parliamentarian all the way in Paris as he spoke ‘live’ about the on-going 34th Unesco General Conference.
It was the first time for Member of Parliament for Cameron Highlands S.K.Devamany to be interviewed on-spot for the news bulletin of a Malaysian radio station, let alone across continents.
“This is fantastic…speaking live from Paris to Kuala Lumpur for the radio bulletin,” said the former teacher who is a member of the Malaysian delegation to the biennial conference which started on Tuesday.
Education Minister Hishammuddin Hussein, vying for a seat in Unesco’s Executive Board, is leading the Malaysian delegation drawn from various ministries linked to the roles of the 193-member organization.
Devamany said the 24-hour radio station could enable the public to hear the latest news more quickly with such ‘live’ connection.
This is made possible with up-to-date information and communication technology, an area actively pursued by Unesco, he said.
Officially launched on Sept 3, the radio transmission from Wisma Bernama in Kuala Lumpur on the 93.9fm frequency currently covers Klang Valley.
But thanks to Internet streaming, its all-news and information programmes could be heard clearly in Paris and possibly elsewhere around the globe.
Director General of Education Alimuddin Haji Mohd Dom, who was also interviewed live on the station’s news slot, commended the ‘reality’ concept of Radio24 in the growing trend of a globalised world.
“As we move forward, we need actual and current news that would keep us on track with happenings across the world,” he said.
Bernama’s correspondents throughout Malaysia and its overseas bureaus have constantly provided live reports for Radio24 as the agency strives to become a complete, multi-platform news and information provider.

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