Sunday, August 03, 2008

Armchair globe-trotter ...

Like postage stamps attached to envelope, 57-year-old R.Govindasamy has stuck to stamp collecting since his school days, turning the hobby into a profitable family business.
Long before globalisation became a buzzword, Govin was already"on-line" with people from all over the globe from his home in Ipoh, in the state of Perak.
"In my teen days, I use to have pen pals from over 60 countries and everyday I would eagerly wait for the postman to come, expecting to get between five to six letters," said the father of four.
The hobby enabled Govin to see the world without leaving home.
It helped him improve his English as he wrote regularly to pen pals while introducing Malaysia through stamps he exchanged with them.
He still writes to overseas contacts to get supply for his philately business of 27 years. Govin also deals in numismatic, selling old currency notes and coins.
So passionate is he with the trade that he travels to Kuala Lumpur every first weekend of the month to hold his 'market fair' at the Heritage Hotel at the old railway station building.
Today is no exception.

"Everyone is the same here, whether they are lawyers, doctors, businessmen, students...they come because of their interest in stamps and old currencies," he said.

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