Friday, August 15, 2008

"Class of its own ..."

Years back, a local television programme generated wide interest after it successfully brought together parents with their long-lost children, separated siblings and missing friends.
Then came the Internet, bringing along with it various networking websites that connect people around the world.
Gaining popularity among them is Facebook which enables us to ‘track down’ school-mates of those long gone years and renew our friendship.
Facebook got me and Ja-are connected with lots of catching-up to do.
When I told him about this blog, he mentioned that Mani, our former school-mate, had also created a blog to get us all together.
So when I finally got to speak to Mani, he graciously said that he had created the blog for VI class of 1978 “just two minutes ago” as an earlier initiative was left idle.
“The whole idea of the blog is to keep in touch with one another and have a common base to spell out our intentions, activities,” he wrote.
Calling on ‘friends, classmates and batchmates’ to write to the blog, Mani would also love to see ex-school teachers sharing their thoughts to make the blog a “Class of its own”. Click here.

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