Thursday, August 07, 2008

'True blue' Victorian forever ...

Rashdan Rashid completed school at Victoria Institution (VI) in 1996 but keeps going back to it.
Being a committee member of the Victoria Institution Old Boys’ Association (VIOBA), he is even more attached to his alma mater, aiming to bring back its "glory days".
"You can say that I was made for VI and VI was made for me," said the "old" Victorian.

Calling himself the 'VIOBA clubhouse caretaker', he has big plans for the school which was founded in 1893.
"I will bring prominent figures, big names who are product of VI to inspire the present batch of students," he said enthusiastically at the clubhouse this morning as a monorail rolled on elevated tracks in the background at Jalan Hang Tuah.
To realize his dream, Rashdan is determine to get as many ex-students as possible to join the 86 year-old VIOBA as life members.
"Of the 2,000-plus active members now, only 600 are life members," said Rashdan who proudly administers the club website: .
For the moment, he is literally in high spirit preparing for VIOBA annual dinner to be held at KL Tower on August 30.
"Don't forget that, bro," he reminded me as we reminisced our VI days.
"VI is my one can take that away from me," said the father of four boys, who naturally harbours the hope that his sons would follow his foot-step at VI.

Rashdan is glad that the school’s Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) president Raja Amir Shah Raja Abdul Aziz is pro-active in efforts to bring back the glory days for the school.
High among the list of things-to-do is the setting-up of the Mokhtar Dahari football academy. The legendary striker, a former student of the school, was one of the best players in Asia in the 1970s.
He died at age 37 of muscular dystrophy on 11 July 1991.

*Rashdan can be contacted at 012-2055296.

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