Saturday, August 16, 2008

‘Nasi minyak’, ‘Teh tarik’ reunion …

With a number of people being honoured with Datukship, ex-Bernama colleague Abang Kamarudin Bolhassan sportingly concurred that he may soon be joining the rank, albeit in the true sense of the word.
"Datuk asli," he said, meaning a grandfather as he held a ‘kenduri’ (reception) for his newly-wed eldest son Abang Farizal at his home in Cheras today.
Abang (literally, elder brother) served Bernama for almost 25 years before giving-up his post as English sub-editor to take-up an offer with a publication firm in 2004.
It was a reunion of-sort for many former and present Bernama colleagues who turned-up for the reception.
While ‘nasi minyak’ was the main menu for the happy occasion, I was alerted by an SMS to a ‘teh tarik homecoming session’ for UITM mass communication alumni at the faculty in Shah Alam tomorrow morning.
I was among the pioneer batch when 'mass-comm' was offered as an off-campus discipline in 1986.

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