Friday, August 01, 2008

Opening up to a wireless world ....

Since his appointment as Information Minister in the Cabinet formed after last March General Elections, Shabery Cheek has brought much improvement. He is bold to open up even in areas considered 'taboo' before the election.
Two days after holding office, he directed officials to installed 'Wi-Fi' within the ministry's vast Angkasapuri complex.
"It's illogical to block anyone from accessing the Internet when Kuala Lumpur is moving towards becoming a wireless city," he said last night at a forum to discuss ways of improving RTM's news bulletins.
In line with his 'openness', Shabery has invited bloggers -- previously regarded as 'nuisance' to appear on prime-time weekly slot to talk about their blogs.
Even known government and BN critics have had their fair share of glamour appearing live on the 20-minute show that could be extended in view of its growing popularity.
Despite reservations from several colleagues on live TV coverage of parliamentary sessions, Shabery managed to convince them on the need to allow public viewing access to matters that concern them.
More changes are in store as Shabery keeps his heart and mind open to views on how the ministry could deliver effectively.

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