Sunday, July 05, 2009

Friends make you happy ...

It was a beautiful Sunday morning for my friend Halim who had breakfast with his wife at the hillside Al-Ghufran mosque cafe at Pinggiran Taman Tun Dr Ismail.
He thoughtfully sms me about it just as I was getting my hair cut at the barber. I had told him about the cafe when he came to see me at the office on Thursday.
He was at the cafe after sending his 16 year-old son for a school-organised course held at the mosque complex.
In our sms exchanges, I asked him what he like about the place.
"As we were eating we were entertained by the chirping sounds of birds. The after rain air smells so fresh. And having breakfast with my darling wife tops it all!," said Halim who was in UPM with me.
Just to know how happy a friend is makes me excited too. For in my silent hope, I would want to make at least three people happy each day as their joy is our strength.
The value of friendship could never be measured in monetary terms.
My primary school-mate Rauf is another happy man today. He held a grand feast at his home in Klang to celebrate the wedding of his son.

Although it has been 36 years since we left the Simpang Lima Primary School in Klang, we still keep the contact. He had in fact phoned me two weeks ago to inform me about the reception.
"Bring along your family," he had told me. I did and it turned out to be another great family outing especially when my elder daughter is getting back to campus this week for her final semester.

Thanks to Rauf, I got to meet other classmates who turned up for the reception. Dr Jayaraj, who runs two dental clinics, Stephen Tew (whose business foray includes futsal centres), Arifin and Tirath Singh.

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