Sunday, March 28, 2010

'Lempeng' breakfast in Beijing...

It's fascinating that simple things like 'lempeng' or pancakes could turned out to be a source of income.
The closest to describe an everyday lempeng in Malaysia is probably the tosai easily found in restaurants all over the country. But 'Lempeng' sold on carts for breakfast is rare in Malaysia.
So it was delightful to see a husband-and-wife selling them on the road pavement not far from the Shangri-La Kerry Centre in Beijing.
Getting a freshly-cooked lempeng in this cold weather is nice.
When we touched down on Tuesday morning, the temperature was zero degree.

But Alhamdullillah, we were spared of the sandstorm which swamped the Chinese capital a few days earlier.
The warm clothing and birthday wishes from friends as I turned 49 in Beijing yesterday kept my spirits high.

The hotel surprised me when it brought a piece of cake to my room.
Thank you all.

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