Saturday, May 15, 2010

Of the KLIA mosque …

For many first-time visitors to Malaysia, the Sultan Abdul Samad Mosque is a lasting impression.

In fact, it is the first impression of Malaysia from the air other than the KL International Airport (KLIA) for a large number of them.
With its distinctive location on the eastern part of the KLIA, the mosque is a symbolic landmark that greets visitors to the country.
Come August 25, the blue-and-green dome mosque will mark the 10th anniversary of its opening.
Construction began in August 1997 and completed two years later.

Apart from local residents and airport employees, the mosque serves travellers plying the highway to and from the airport. It can accommodate up to 8,000 people.
The design of the mosque was envisaged to complement the overall nature theme of KLIA being "The building in the forest and the forest in the building".

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