Friday, December 03, 2004

Another year, another step closer to our destiny

As we approach the new year, my thoughts wander on what to expect in 2005. A new year would mean a year older and a step closer to our destiny. I've always been guided by the saying 'today should be better than yesterday and tomorrow even better'. Just as I am testing new ground by entering this emerging world of blogosphere, I have lots of anxiety as I tread the fuzzy path into the new year. I'm not sure if I had made any new year's resolution when the planet welcomed 2004. Even if I did, the year is ending with something I least expected. I had not imagined to be in England but here I am since the last two months for a wonderful experience that would last forever. I met new people and even learn how easy it is to start this blog. So what's in store for the coming year? Like everyone else, I'm hoping for the best.

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