Sunday, August 31, 2008

Celebrating 51 years of nationhood ...

Unity takes centre stage as Malaysia celebrates 51 years of independence today. The theme of this years’s celebrations is ‘Unity the thrust of success’.
Award-winning director Yasmin Ahmad is among Malaysian personalities who embrace unity and racial integration themes in her works.
"I think there is no such thing as a creative person. The best of artistes are those who observe," she was quoted as saying in a special article in the New Sunday Times today.
Yasmin recently won the Gold Award at the Cannes Advertising Festival for her work Tan Hong Ming in Love. The TV commercial, part of last year’s Merdeka campaign by Petronas, features an interview with a Chinese schoolboy who admits having a crush on his Malay classmate Umi Qazrina.

Commenting on its success, she said: "I think it’s the simplicity and charm that people’s hearts. I only followed God’s direction. I observed."
For AirAsia chief executive officer Tony Fernandes, the progress of the homegrown enterprise to blossom into an internationally-recognised name is proof that in Malaysia, success is there for the taking regardless of one’s ethnicity.
"I tell people that if we (the AirAsia team) could do it, then anyone can and that’s the best about this country; that it allowed it to happen," said the man whose name is synonymous with the region’s largest low-cost carrier.
"The fact that it (AirAsia) has delivered on its promise to Malaysians of enabling everyone to fly is inspiring. We set out to create a Malaysian airline, not a Malay, Chinese or Indian airline and the fact that we have done it, makes us immensely proud."

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A. Alshukor said...

Happy 51st Independence Day and let this ramadhan bring us all the effect that it is meant to be.

May Allah bless us all with his hidayah and may Malaysia our beloved country be more peaceful and prosper for our children and theirs as well.