Saturday, August 30, 2008

Another Petronas masterpiece...

Congratulations to Petronas for another fantastic television ad for Merdeka.
A number of friends confided that the Petronas ad for this year brought tears to their eyes.
It reminded them not to take for granted the sacrifices made by their parents to inspire them to be what they are today.
Many had to watch it over again to realize how touching and meaningful the message was.
The three-minute ad relays the message that 'patience, perseverance and hard work pave the road to success'.
It tells the story of how a father kept rejecting his son’s request to have something even for his birthday.
But the son became creative – using mosquito net to fish after the father refused to buy him a fishing net.

When his birthday request for a pedal car got no where, the boy searched around for discarded items and build his own ‘oversize’ wooden car.
Eight years later,the boy grew up to become ‘Aiman Gyver’ -- the kampung Mr Fix-it.
Along came an offer to further his studies.

Again he approached his father, still selling cempedak by the roadside, to enquire if he could take up the offer.
The father, who kept a photo of a big bike in a box, was just quiet. Then, after a while, he smiled.
"A smile means you agree," said the son.

Then the father took out an account book from the box and handed it to the son.
It clearly stated the name AIMAN BIN HANAFI with the savings amounting to RM41,718.29.
A surprised Aiman was beyond words and tearfully hugged his father.
"Thank you Dad"
Ten years later, the father still selling cempedak by the roadside, was startled when a big bike stopped by his shade.
"What bike is this?" he asked the rider.

Without saying a word, the man took off his dark glasses and pulled down the bandanna covering his face.
It was Aiman.
Smiling broadly, he told his father that the bike was "ABAH PUNYA".("This bike is yours")

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