Thursday, September 11, 2008

Being media-friendly helps...

Being friendly with the media helps corporate entities enhance their image.
As corporate image is the perception that people have of an organization, a growing number of companies are giving emphasis to media relations.
Good rapport with the media is a powerful mean of communicating with the public and other organizations.
Now that we are in the month of Ramadan, it has become a tradition for corporate bodies to organize ‘buka puasa’ (breaking fast) events for the media as an appreciation for the support given.
These events are normally held in hotels where company big-wigs themselves turn-up to touch-base with the media people.
Some companies take the opposite approach. If the media can’t attend the buka puasa-do away from the office, the companies bring the food to them.
That’s what Nestle (Malaysia) Berhad did when it held a ‘buka puasa’ treat for Bernama staff at Wisma Bernama today.
The initiative speaks well of the company which recently earned the top-spot as overall most-admired Malaysian company ahead of other corporate giants in the Wall Street Journal Asia’s Asia 200 survey of readers.
With its tagline "Good Food, Good Life", Nestle, which started operations in the country in 1912, produces household names such as MILO, NESCAFÉ, MAGGI, NESPRAY and KIT KAT.
So popular the names are that you don’t hear people ordering hot chocolate but MILO when you go out. So does MAGGI goreng (friend MAGGI)!

Nestle (Malaysia) Berhad Managing Director Sullivan O'Carroll turned up for the event. (Pix by Zuber Nordin)

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