Wednesday, September 10, 2008

'Man gets and forgets...'

While waiting for the light to turn green at a traffic junction, my attention was drawn to the sticker on the car in front of me. It says:
"Man gets and forgets, Allah gives and forgives".

Meanwhile, a news report from Grozny says the once war-shattered capital of Chechnya is set to finally receive a grand mosque that is going to be the largest not only in the Muslim-majority country but Europe as well.

"Ceremony of opening is planned for October 17," President Ramzan Kadyrov told the Russian news agency Interfax today.
The inauguration will mark the first day of the International Peacemakers' Conference, titled "Islam - Religion of Peace and Progress," Kadyrov said in the report picked up by
The mosque will be able to accommodate over 10,000 people and has minarets that soar 180 feet into the air.
Within its surrounding is Chechnya's Islamic administration, a religious school, an Islamic university, a hotel and a religious library.
The mosque is tipped as the biggest not only in the mountainous republic in the North Caucasus region but in Europe as well.
The construction began more than three years ago at an estimated cost of some US$20 million, said the report.

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