Monday, June 01, 2009

Success is an inside job …

Just as someone had tried to boost my sagging morale with words of encouragement, another emailed me about the importance of self-esteem to achieve success.
“It can be hard to identify what exactly healthy self-esteem is.
The signs of an unhealthy self-esteem are usually obvious. Someone who cuts themselves down a lot and is always afraid to make big decisions or use their talents doesn't have healthy self-esteem.
Arrogance and boasting are also signs of a poor self-esteem, even though the person comes across as supremely self-confident. I think we all know our fair share of braggarts. It's hard to spend time with them," he wrote.
"To trust one's mind and to know that one is worthy of happiness is the essence of self-esteem," he remarked.
He goes on to say that someone with high self-esteem is able to persist in the face of difficulties.
And the more one perseveres, the more one is likely to succeed.
"Self-esteem doesn't let us simply feel lets us live better.
And to respond to challenges and opportunities resourcefully.
We usually tend to feel the most comfortable with people whose self-esteem level is similar to ours.
So if you think you have low self-esteem, start seeking out people with healthy self-esteem.
Take note of how they think and behave and try to emulate that. We all need role models and mentors.

P.S. Success is an inside job because success starts from within, with your self-esteem.

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