Thursday, July 23, 2009

Unearthing the roots...

Root crops are the second most important source of carbohydrate in the world's food supply -- the most important being cereals. In the Tropics, however, root crops are more important. In fact, in many tropical countries which do not grow rice, root crops are the staple diet.
In an effort to 'introduce' the root crops, Pos Malaysia today issued stamps and first day covers with the tuber theme.
The stamps come in four designs -- Ubi Keledek and Ubi Kayu, both in 30 sen denomination as well as Sengkuang and Ubi Badak, both in 50 sen denomination.
A mini sheet with the 'Ubi Keladi' design in RM3 denomination completes the latest collection.

Pos Malaysia says the term 'root crops' or 'tuber plants'is applied to plants which produce subterranean structures that are used as human or animal food. These perennial plants have organs which store plant nutrients.

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