Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What you are doesn't matter ...

A friend, who until recently held an influential post working for a political VIP, is out-of-job but he is taking things in his stride.
“Don’t worry, I’ll survive with the little things I do here and there,” he told me over the phone yesterday.
He went on to tell me about his situation after being sidelined by his ‘boss’.
What touched me was when he asked if I still consider him a friend.
“Of course… you’re my friend because of who you are, not what you are,” I said.

I admire his character and determination to take on whatever jobs to support his family.
“I even work at construction site… mixing cement and lay bricks during weekends…at least I can get RM150 a day, life has to go on,” he said.
His self-esteem reminded me of two guys who were basking at a food court near the KL Hospital.
Their rendition of local hits made my breakfast of tosai and ‘teh halia’ even tastier.
"I respect them...it's a better way to earn money than begging," said a hospital staff who shared the table with me.

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tak rugi buat baik pada orang