Saturday, October 27, 2007

The road to Alhambra ...

As we travelled to Alhambra, the neatly grown trees on both sides of the highway caught the eye. Juan, our journalist friend from EFE, said they were olive trees.
"If I have to buy a gift, I would get olive oil instead of perfume," he said.

Wikipedia says the Alhambra (Arabic: literally "the red one"; the complete name is "Qal'at al-Hambra", which means "The red fortress").
It is a palace and fortress complex of the Moorish monarchs of Granada in southern Spain (known as Al-Andalus when the fortress was constructed), occupying a hilly terrace on the southeastern border of the city of Granada.

Once the residence of the Muslim kings of Granada and their court, the Alhambra is now one of Spain's major tourist attractions exhibiting the country's most famous Islamic architecture, together with Christian 16th century and later interventions in buildings and gardens that marked its image as it can be seen today.
It has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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